Female seduction coach Mike Wright has a new program called the Elixir Of Eros System.

Elixir Of Eros teaches men “chase triggers”. These triggers are supposed to make women be the ones that flirt and chase you (not the other way around).

That sounds kick ass. What straight male wouldn’t want gorgeous women begging to sleep with him?

But is it just a bunch of B.S.? And if not, is it worth the price?

Let’s dig in…

The Elixir Of Eros is a 12-part video course, with accompanying downloadable audio-only and ebook text versions, so you can read or listen anywhere, on any device, at any time.



You also get 9 bonus reports with your purchase:



It’s priced fairly reasonable for everything you get (this is currently the lowest offered price).

You also receive access to a monthly subscription program called “The Pursuit Institute” to continue your learning and remain up to date in the seduction game. You get new content once per week, and the interviews are truly badass. You won’t find this content anywhere else on the web. Maybe in expensive private coaching.

Now back to the Elixir of Eros…

As promised, the program reveals the “7 innocent words, and a touch in one sneaky spot to make a woman irresistibly hot for you”. (you’ll be pretty surprised once you see what they really are)

This product makes big claims and from the hundreds of comments I have read, men are having great success. Apparently, a lot of these men are starting to see results within the first 2 weeks of going through the program.

The success stories range from 20 y.o. guys, to 45 y.o. single men and even 63 y.o. older men trying to get back in the game.

After I went through it myself, I understood why…

The program gives you a systematic approach for using these triggers to make a woman curious about you, and then later to get her feeling infatuated, connected, desiring, and devoted to you.

The devotion triggers are totally optional and are intended for use as a final step with women you want to get into a serious relationship with.

The content is based on decades of research on female psychology and arousal combined with the on-field experience of a successful seduction coach, all condensed into easy to use “chase triggers” that compel a woman to make the first move on you.

A pretty great recipe for success, if you ask me.

The advice is very practical and easy to implement. There’s a ton of great learnings, no matter your experience with seduction books & courses.

Plus, there’s a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the program.

Nothing to lose really, so why not give it a try?

I do have two issues with the program, though.

Some of the “bonuses” are mainly just promotions for other products.

Also, the previously mentioned subscription program is only free for the first 14 days. The video coaching sessions are excellent. Just take into consideration that after the trial ends it’s “$24.95 per week, billed monthly” (that means $99.80 / month).

You can cancel at any time and their support staff is excellent, so you’ll get a quick response.

I say test it out and decide for yourself if you want to stay subscribed or not. 14 days is more than enough to see if it’s for you.

One thing I really like about this course… Mike Wright has a very healthy attitude towards women. The tone is very respectful (without being wussy-ish), and the intent is simply to help guys date and get into relationships that are amazing experiences for both parties.

Everything is very “natural” in that you never need to use stupid lines or act like somebody else. You simply behave as you normally would, but with a greater understanding of female psychology and what triggers desire…

My overall thoughts?

Totally worth it.

Don’t hesitate.

Get the system now, go through it & apply what you learn ASAP.

Cancel the monthly “Pursuit Institute” subscription afterwards, if it’s too much for you. But go through the Elixir of Eros program and use those chase triggers.

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