About Jake*

Long story short, an ordinary nice guy; I was a single child in a family not very well-off. My folks went to great lengths to put me through college, I had to take crappy jobs to do it, but it was really worth it.

Aside from what I’ve learned there, college is where I met the love of my life.

We had it great for a while.

That’s until, 7 years in our relationship – I broke her heart.

We were engaged and supposed to get married a year later.

The reasons I broke up with her – we’ll get into them another time.

What happened during the break-up as well.

Fact of the matter – I decided to get back together with her.

At least, that’s what I THOUGT I did.

Want to know the truth?

That woman drove me INSANE during the break-up. She got me to the point where I literally BEGGED HER to take me back.

I didn’t know what the hell happened. Or why I even broke up with her.

That is… until she explained everything to me.

Truth is – she designed a meticulous (yet easy to follow) plan to get me back.

And took me through a process that not only reversed the break-up… it actually made our relationship stronger than ever.

Now, you might think that I, along with any other guy, would react really bad to this. Maybe say something like

“WHAT ?! I can’t believe you manipulated me into getting back together.”

But you know what – I LOVED HER EVEN MORE FOR THAT.

Here’s 1 simple rule about men:

We LOVE to see women fight tooth and nail over us.

And it’s not our ego’s. We just need to see that you value us enough to fight that hard.

However, do take not that there’s a right way and a wrong way of doing this. (my wifey did it the right way)

I was so touched by the effect of her getting me back, that it inspired me to share this story and help other struggling women as well.

You see, I reserched this topic a lot, and all I could find was subjective advice from guys that are so-called “relationship experts” and women’s point of view when trying to succeed.

However, what I couldn’t find is…

“The GUY’S Perspective from a Successful Ex Boyfriend Back Recovery”

So I decided to share this with the world.

It’s gonna get raw and dirty, but I’ll go to the wit’s end to expose you EXACTLY what men think when going through a break-up, and exactly how to tackle this into your own advantage – and finally reach “RELATIONSHIP HEAVEN”.

After all, getting him back is just a means to your “happy ending”, right?

It’s 100% clear you’re supposed to grow old together, but there’s this one small roadblock in your way.

And I will help you overcome it.

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